About Us

Founded in Bloemfontein in 2003, ESL Plumbing has established itself as a market-leading plumbing company, providing exceptional, unparalleled workmanship.

Starting from humble beginnings, our first project was completed in a small hostel in Bloemfontein. Since then, ESL Plumbing has evolved into a leading industry specialist with projects spanning the whole of South Africa. We pride ourselves on setting the benchmark for quality and service and have established ourselves as a prominent competitor in the field of plumbing.

ESL Plumbing has completed a large array of projects, ranging from multi-story buildings, hospitals and houses, to municipal main water networks.

Our team of highly dedicated, skilled and talented employees drive our business relationships and services. Today the company employs an ever growing staff component of approximately 100 full-time staff members. ESL Plumbing offers services nation-wide.

Our Vision

Our vision is simple: to be the preferred and nominated plumbing contractor for all major and technical plumbing projects. To be differentiated from other companies in our industry based on our appearance, constantly providing excellent service and delivering precision work of the highest quality and standards. We strive to provide weekly comprehensive feedback to our clients on the progress, health, safety and cost of their projects. Our vision for our employees is to provide a safe place where every employee can live, work and grow.

Our Mission

In our pursuit to be the market leader in our field, we focus on construction plumbing work for both the private sector as well as Government departments in Southern Africa, giving our clients the peace of mind that they are dealing with a specialised, highly competent company. We aim to achieve this through our core values: (ESL) Excellence, Service and Leadership.

We ARE READY to provide you with QUALITY SERVICE.